Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires, heart of the Tango, is a megallopolis of eleven million inhabitants, one of the biggest cities in the world. It is also the most elegant and active city in South America and the one that shows altogether the varied and heterogeneous Argentinean essence.

City of modern structure and dynamic activity, it keeps up old traditions and quiet corners. You can fascinate by their atmosphere, the different personality of each neighborhood, their people's cordiality and the wide rank of their cultural and commercial offers.

The Corrientes Avenue, plenty of cinemas, theaters, shows, restaurants and pizzerías open until dawn, share the enjoyment with the pedestrian streets Lavalle and Florida, Santa Fe Avenue and Puerto Madero. We must also make mention of three Cultural Centers: General San Martin, Borges and Recoleta, the Paseo La Plaza and the entertaining and gastronomic areas like Puerto Madero, Recoleta, Palermo Viejo, Paseo de la Infanta, Arcos del Sol and Costanera Norte. Buenos Aires is a charming city, open to worldwide architecture, culture and art. It offers an wide spectrum of attracting monuments, churches, museums, art galleries and theaters; squares, ancient groved parks; typical neighborhoods; wide shopping centers, traditional and modern hotels, typical and international restaurants.

"Buenos Aires is the entrance door to the splendid Argentinean Nature"


Tango show in Buenos Aires

Born at the ending of the XIX century of the joining of several rhythms danced in the suburbs. At the beginnings it was played with flute, violin and guitar, and danced only by men. Later, the flute was replaced by the "bandoneón" that gave him its definitive stamp. With the nostalgia and the melancholy the immigrants brought, the tango was evolving with interpreters like Astor Piazzolla y Aníbal Troilo.


Argentina National Congress Palace

A circuit of tradition extends along the Avenida de Mayo, plenty of beautiful European styles buildings. It begins in front of the National Congress Palace, with the Two Congresses Monument, and comes to an end at Plaza de Mayo where you can marvel at the Government's House, the Cathedral, splendid commercial buildings, like Galerías Pacífico, or financial ones.

Very near Plaza de Mayo you can visit the Brightness Block (Manzana de las Luces), whith historical places like San Ignacio's church (the oldest in the city), the tunnels of the colonial period, and the Plaza Dorrego whith its San Telmo Fair of Antiques.

Destination Argentina

  • Perito Moreno. Calafate. View of the largest in the world, declared by Unesco glacier: the Perito Moreno Glacier.
  • Bariloche. Famous for its ski resorts and nominated as Little Switzerland, consists of 7 beautiful lakes. It is the city of Luxury Hotel of 5 stars Llao Llao, place known products are world: Trout, Chocolate branch, rosehip oil, etc.
  • San Martin de Los Andes. The Andes dreamed surrounded by snow, lakes and great varieties of trees, different landscape in every season, leaving the memory in a corner of our hearts.
  • Ushuaia. The city of end of the world, located in the province of Tierra del Fuego. We wandered through the train end of the world, enjoying the most of the feeling that surprises us with the beauty of Patagonia.
Northeast Buenos Aires
  • Buenos Aires. Atmosphere full of elegance, an attractive city with essence of Buenos Aires.
  • Tango Show. We take the Origin of Argentine tango "La Boca" - "Caminito" to taste delicacies and the beautiful locals of the old tango, through your own eyes, mouth and ears!
  • San Telmo. A neighborhood of antiguidades.
  • Recoleta. Where rest the Great Argentine Mother Evita and the nobility of the last century.
  • Palermo. It is a cosmopolitan neighborhood. There is fun, food, fashion and nature.
  • Puerto Madero. A commercial and residential district. You enter through the Bridge of the Woman. It is an area of ​​high tourist level. As the Hotel Faena of 5 stars ~ a place charming and unique style in the neighborhood of Puerto Madero.
  • Tigre.City of river tourism, Sarmiento, Parana de las Palmas navigated, covering the entire delta and the formation of Islands. It is also the location of 2nd Chinatown in Argentina.
Northwest Cuyo
  • San Luis. In this province is a city called Merlo, which was recognized as "the third of Microclima the world", here you can get the original gemstone Onis and other natural stones.
  • Mendoza. Taste the best wine in the world.
  • El Leoncito. Enjoy the scenery Mon Valley. Taste the wine from San Juan province. Visit the Leoncito National Park.
  • Talampaya.


Porteño´s neighborhoods. Buenos Aires neighborhoods

Very close to the downtown, you can arribe to some of the most typical neighborhoods Buenos Aires: "La Boca", home of the first italian residents. You can't avoid to come to the famous Caminito path, or to the stadium "La Bombonera", belonging to the soccer Boca Junior club. "San Telmo" , is the oldest neighborhood in whose recycled colonial houses, artists and artisans live and work. There are numerous tango houses, and every sunday the picturesque San Pedro Telmo's Fair of Antiques takes place at "Plaza Dorrego". "Palermo" is one of the broadest neighborhoods, plenty of parks and groves. There are different itineraries to visit this neighborhood: Palermo of Forests and Lakes; Palermo Chico, the Zoological Park, the Botanical Garden, the Rural Society; and the nostalgic Palermo Viejo, also known as Palermo of Borges and Carriego. The Argentinean Horserace track and the Argentinean Polo Stadium, are two unlosable places. Recoleta, barrio of highest elegance with its famous cemetery, the colonial church Nuestra Señora del Pilar and next to it, the cultural and commercial complex.


Nature of Tigre Delta, Mardel Plata.

"El Tigre" is one of the closest natural places to Buenos Aires city. Starting gate to visit the hundred of islands at the Delta of Paraná River in its outlet into the Río de la Plata, whith residences, hostels and sport clubs. At Tigre's fluvial port begin the trips around the Delta and toward Martín García island. It's a good idea a travel in the Coastal Train, crossing in a journey of 15 Km the towns of Vicente López, San Isidro, San Fernando and Tigre, along the Río de la Plata's shore, and enjoying the view of historical mansions. There are also shopping centers, coffee houses and restaurants.The Coastal Park, at Delta terminal train station, offers different shows and mechanical entertainments. You can also travel by catamaran around the Delta or to spend some interesting hours seeing the races and visiting the park San Isidro Horserace stadium.