Cuyo Argentina

The "cuyana" region in the center-west of Argentina, is caracterized by the tranquility of its cities and oasis, in the midst of the aridity of plains and mountains.

The dry-warm climate allows the development of vineyards and olive groves of great quality and world fame. Among the touristic options andeanism, ski, fishes and acuatic sports are included.

In this region they are also the National Parks of "Talampaya" and "Valle de la Luna", declared by the Humanity's Patrimony by UNESCO. They are also the Reservation of "El Leoncito", and the National Park of "Sierra de las Quijadas". All of them, special places to practice adventure and ecological tourism.


Mendoza City

Characterized by the abundance of squares and the presence of old ditchs in every streets. Mendoza, the oldest city, holds the biggest population and the more exciting cultural activity. A traditional trip is the "General San Martin" Park, on the west side of the city, which size overcomes 400 has. Inside it the "Cerro de la Gloria" (Honour Hill) in which summit lodges the Andes Army Momument.

the vineyards

The "Villa de Merlo", located in the Concarán Valley, is famous for its microclimate, its beautiful landscape and its "algarrobo abuelo", a grandfather tree of about 1.000 years old In the oasis, the thawed snow usually stored in the artificial lakes of the numerous hydroelectric power stations irrigate the vineyards and orchards.


Aconcagua, san rafael, climbing, fishingg, rafting, sport life

The Aconcagua or "Stone Sentry". From the Horcones Valley you can admire the southwestern side of the Aconcagua (6.959 m), maximum summit of América. On the northern side, the Statue of Cristo Redentor (Holy Redeemer) marks the path to the summit and the tunnel through the Andes to Chile.

Here you can enjoy the northern winter stations in Argentina. The Valle de las Leñas (Firewood Valley) winter station is placed at the homonymous valley. It includes 40 ski tracks (63 Km of total length from 3.430 m to 2.256 m. The snow usually is powdery, dry and dense. Another skiers' paradises are Los Penitentes and Vallecitos. You can practise gliding in the forests, rowing and windsurfing in the lakes, rafting in the rivers Mendoza, Diamante and Atuel, climbing, escalading, trekking and riding in the Aconcagua Provincial Park, and in the Los Molles and Las Leñas valleys. In addition, any of the rivers, streams and lakes of this region are wonderful for fishing salmonoids and pejerrey.

Destination Argentina

  • Perito Moreno. Calafate. View of the largest in the world, declared by Unesco glacier: the Perito Moreno Glacier.
  • Bariloche. Famous for its ski resorts and nominated as Little Switzerland, consists of 7 beautiful lakes. It is the city of Luxury Hotel of 5 stars Llao Llao, place known products are world: Trout, Chocolate branch, rosehip oil, etc.
  • San Martin de Los Andes. The Andes dreamed surrounded by snow, lakes and great varieties of trees, different landscape in every season, leaving the memory in a corner of our hearts.
  • Ushuaia. The city of end of the world, located in the province of Tierra del Fuego. We wandered through the train end of the world, enjoying the most of the feeling that surprises us with the beauty of Patagonia.
Northeast Buenos Aires
  • Buenos Aires. Atmosphere full of elegance, an attractive city with essence of Buenos Aires.
  • Tango Show. We take the Origin of Argentine tango "La Boca" - "Caminito" to taste delicacies and the beautiful locals of the old tango, through your own eyes, mouth and ears!
  • San Telmo. A neighborhood of antiguidades.
  • Recoleta. Where rest the Great Argentine Mother Evita and the nobility of the last century.
  • Palermo. It is a cosmopolitan neighborhood. There is fun, food, fashion and nature.
  • Puerto Madero. A commercial and residential district. You enter through the Bridge of the Woman. It is an area of ​​high tourist level. As the Hotel Faena of 5 stars ~ a place charming and unique style in the neighborhood of Puerto Madero.
  • Tigre.City of river tourism, Sarmiento, Parana de las Palmas navigated, covering the entire delta and the formation of Islands. It is also the location of 2nd Chinatown in Argentina.
Northwest Cuyo
  • San Luis. In this province is a city called Merlo, which was recognized as "the third of Microclima the world", here you can get the original gemstone Onis and other natural stones.
  • Mendoza. Taste the best wine in the world.
  • El Leoncito. Enjoy the scenery Mon Valley. Taste the wine from San Juan province. Visit the Leoncito National Park.
  • Talampaya.

Natural Parks

Talampaya Natural Parks

Located in the northeast of San Juan, and close to Talampaya, we found the provincial Park of "Ischi-gualasto" or Valley of the Moon. It constitutes an invaluable reservoir of animal and plant fossils, and also a habitat traced by odd formations made by nature that surprises the visitors.

Leoncito Park

In San Luis, the astronomical and Andean atmosphere Reserve of the Leoncito Park, protects wild fauna like guanacos and mountain suris. It includes the Astronomical Complex "El Leoncito". The National Park of "Sierra de las Quijadas" it´s included in a semiarid region with prodigious geological characteristics and special reddish hue everywhere. The western side, has a lake complex draining into the "Desaguadero" river. "Potrero de la Aguada", the central depression, is closed by walls eroded in fantastic shapes. This park protects some almost extincted species: guanacos, foxes, ñandúes, pumas and condors. Most of its flora are thorny bushes and cacti.