Our History

Juien Lin Hsieh and Lin Shiu born in China then grew up in Taiwan, that is their generational footprint. In 1972, with much curiosity, they emigrated to Argentina with his first child. After 12 years of getting used to the American life until today, become a being who deeply loves the Earth Argentina. Recall that in June 1984 created the first publication of "Horizon Chinese," the first Chinese newspaper in Argentina (currently working as Nuevo Horizonte as Chinese and magazine). At the same time born Fullmen Tourism.

On this day, Fullmen Tourism and spent 34 years Chino, why is marriage Shieh always keep the same energy, retains the same objective, contain the same love for nature and the same passion to his cultural and presenting the best tourist services all borderless tourists entering through the door Fullmen to know the magnificent The Beautiful Argentina
We appreciate that we find the greatest imaginable joy in our work!

Thank you Argentina!
We love you !


Chinese Official Guide

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Destination Argentina

  • Perito Moreno. Calafate. View of the largest in the world, declared by Unesco glacier: the Perito Moreno Glacier.
  • Bariloche. Famous for its ski resorts and nominated as Little Switzerland, consists of 7 beautiful lakes. It is the city of Luxury Hotel of 5 stars Llao Llao, place known products are world: Trout, Chocolate branch, rosehip oil, etc.
  • San Martin de Los Andes. The Andes dreamed surrounded by snow, lakes and great varieties of trees, different landscape in every season, leaving the memory in a corner of our hearts.
  • Ushuaia. The city of end of the world, located in the province of Tierra del Fuego. We wandered through the train end of the world, enjoying the most of the feeling that surprises us with the beauty of Patagonia.
Northeast Buenos Aires
  • Buenos Aires. Atmosphere full of elegance, an attractive city with essence of Buenos Aires.
  • Tango Show. We take the Origin of Argentine tango "La Boca" - "Caminito" to taste delicacies and the beautiful locals of the old tango, through your own eyes, mouth and ears!
  • San Telmo. A neighborhood of antiguidades.
  • Recoleta. Where rest the Great Argentine Mother Evita and the nobility of the last century.
  • Palermo. It is a cosmopolitan neighborhood. There is fun, food, fashion and nature.
  • Puerto Madero. A commercial and residential district. You enter through the Bridge of the Woman. It is an area of ​​high tourist level. As the Hotel Faena of 5 stars ~ a place charming and unique style in the neighborhood of Puerto Madero.
  • Tigre.City of river tourism, Sarmiento, Parana de las Palmas navigated, covering the entire delta and the formation of Islands. It is also the location of 2nd Chinatown in Argentina.
Northwest Cuyo
  • San Luis. In this province is a city called Merlo, which was recognized as "the third of Microclima the world", here you can get the original gemstone Onis and other natural stones.
  • Mendoza. Taste the best wine in the world.
  • El Leoncito. Enjoy the scenery Mon Valley. Taste the wine from San Juan province. Visit the Leoncito National Park.
  • Talampaya.